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The Importance of Creativity in Venture Marketing

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

The Importance of Creativity in Venture Marketing

People know me as a cycling creative, but also an ardent artist. A couple of years ago I visited a David Hockney exhibition. But I didn’t go once. I went three times.

There was so much to take in. Over a 60-plus year career, Hockney has changed and evolved his art again and again, never afraid to try new things.

Testing. Sometimes failing, but always learning.

As marketeers and advertisers, we approach briefs in a similar way, pushing the wheelbarrow of creativity uphill. It’s hard and you don’t always know where you’re going to end up. But if you don’t keep pushing, you’ll be left with a pile of bland and irrelevant ideas. We can all relate, there’s nothing worse than being irrelevant and feeling like you’re selling a golf club to a tennis player.

It’s generally better to be wrong than irrelevant and better to get a reaction than be ignored.

Good creative thought, direction and execution has the power to change a brand’s fortune almost instantly. Whether this be through increasing brand advocacy, awareness and engagement through likes, shares, clicks, or most importantly, leads and sales opportunities.

 Creative venture marketing isn’t just a commercial venture, it’s also a creative one. Because if you don’t have work that stands out, it just gets lost in the ether of blandness and media channels. Your agency time and clients’ spend are wasted in the process.

The biggest obstacle to producing outstanding work, apart from focus groups, committees, and mother-in-laws, is us. Most of us don’t really like the NEW because it frightens us.

 In the early 1800’s people were frightened of rail travel. Some doctors believed that this new form of high-speed travel would leave passengers unable to breathe and that they would die of asphyxia. Crazy, but true!

Fast forward to the 2020s, most of us work from home a couple of days a week, some even full-time. Before the pandemic it was almost unheard of, most companies wouldn’t allow it as they thought it would lead to a drop in productivity.

The Importance of Creativity in Venture Marketing | Blog | BH&P - Creative Venture Marketing Agency in Reading

To be Creative is to be Adventurous

As a creative marketing agency we love new ideas, but they must be relevant to the people we’re trying to reach, must stand out, be clear and be on brand.

That’s it, there isn’t much else to it. I used to show my work to my mother-in-law, and I did it for one reason. To ensure that the message was clear, because if it wasn’t, she’d tell me so in no uncertain terms.

But most of the clients we work with now are of no interest to my mother-in-law. She couldn’t give two hoots about data migration, leadership learning, or recruiting more gas engineers. We worry too much about what the wrong people think about a campaign. We should actually be concerned about what the right people think about it.

This fear of failure can leave us rooted to the spot like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

To get the best creative you need to go on an adventure and be prepared to fail, it can be risky, scary, it might even make you uncomfortable, but it’s never dull.

Hockney at 85 is still producing exciting original new work by experimenting, failing, and learning.

Much as we do with Creative Venture Marketing. Let’s chat about it.