Devil in the Data

100% Certainty. 100% Growth.

IDS is an innovative tech company that specializes in data quality. They give you 100% data certainty in any digital transformation.

ERP migration is big business, 80% of global enterprises need to update their ERP system. And most of them focus on the big picture, not the detail. It’s the detail that trips you up, delays you, costs you money.

The detail is in the quality of the data, but nobody pays any attention to it – the devil is in the detail as they say - and that is how this campaign was born.

We ran a highly targeted ABM campaign across Linkedin, supported by animation, email, organic content, digital advertising and a free guide to ERP migration.

Was it successful? It’s in the detail.

The sponsored content performed above industry benchmarks on LinkedIn, achieving 55% higher conversion rate than industry benchmark across all formats.

- 14% higher lead gen form completion rate than channel benchmark.

- Cost per lead $61 below industry average of $125.

- Click through rate 12.8% higher than industry average.

The campaign continues …

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