No Shades of Grey

No Shades of Risk

With zettabytes of data transformed and transferred globally every minute, opportunities for technology vendors are equally as immense.

The challenge? There's also abundant competition. From multi-billion-dollar enterprises such as Talend and Informatica, to niche high growth vendors such as

Intelligent Delivery Solutions (IDS) are one of these pioneering data tech firms. Therefore, they needed an agency to create a strong and compelling identity.

In a world categorized by change, by risk, people need certainty. Data should be either right or wrong, true, or false. No shades of grey.

At the heart of the venture marketing campaign lies the “No Shades of Grey” brand animation.

Within a month of launch, organic website traffic has doubled, and subsequent inbound marketing performed at unheard-of levels.

IDS are a  client, which means we swap a percentage of our agency fees for a share of revenue.

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