Tick Tock

Is your creative a ticking time bomb?

Every year more than £400 million of energy is stolen from energy companies. As well as causing injury,  fire and even fatalities, energy theft adds £30 to every household’s energy bill in the UK. 

Stay Energy Safe -  a service provided by the national charity Crimestoppers - is charged with highlighting and preventing energy theft.

BH&P has worked with Stay Energy Safe for over 5 years, running a continual test and learn strategy, which has had a huge impact on  awareness of the dangers of meter tampering,  and increased energy theft reports by 900%.

But you can’t rest on your laurels, even if everything is working brilliantly, If you don’t have a strong creative idea to grab people’s attention, you’re not going to make a difference.

We know that energy theft isn’t high on people’s priority list. It’s not something that they worry about or even know about.

So, we had to make people aware of the real dangers of energy theft and cut through the inertia. This required a new approach, something that would grab people’s attention.

Every year meter tampering causes explosions, killing and injuring people,

It’s like a ticking time bomb.

We used film, social media, radio, and OOH to reach new audiences and increased reports of energy theft in target locations by more than twenty percent.