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Nav's First Month at BH&P

Nav, our new Group Account Director, has just joined the BH&P team! In this article we gain an insight into his first month at our Reading office. He also shares some valuable advice for any aspiring marketers and Group Account Directors. 

Why BH&P?


Having spent the majority of my career at a large agency, I wanted to experience working for a smaller agency that is on a growth journey. BH&P fits that mould perfectly and I hope to bring some great expertise to help BH&P on their journey. 

After my initial conversation with Becky, I could see the belief and passion she had to grow the business and this is something I was very keen to contribute towards and be a part of. 

The Venture Marketing model also interested me as it shows we care about the work we do. We have a vested interest in everything we output for our clients meaning it will always be to the highest of quality and we will always have the client's objective at the forefront of our strategy and thinking. 

100 Day Venture Marketing Plan_BH&P-Creative Venture Marketing in Reading

I have previously been part of teams where work would be produced and the client’s objective was not always the main focus but it was great for our own bottom line. With the Venture Marketing model, we take on some of that risk for our clients but we are so confident in our work that we know it will yield the benefits down the line.

How has Your First Month Been?

My first month has been interesting. It has been information overload! On day 3 Becky went away for 10 days and handed everything over to me. As daunting as this was, I feel this accelerated my understanding of the business and clients. 

The team has been great as well. The one thing that has stood out to me more than anything is their passion for the work they do. They have also made me feel really welcome and helped me settle in quite quickly. 

Nav Chaudhry

What Does a Group Account Director Do?

Day to day, my main responsibilities will be to manage the team to ensure service levels and output are at 100% for our clients. I will also be playing a big role in building valuable relationships with our clients which will enable us to  spot the opportunities within their industries to maximise their ROI or achieve their wider objectives.

I will also be focusing on new business opportunities. In the month I have been here, we have been part of, and progressed to the later stages of, 4 pitches for new clients across different industries which is great and I look forward to hopefully getting these over the line. I love how we are able to be selective over the work we choose to pitch for as it allows us to work with clients that align with the values at BH&P.

What Makes a Good Group Account Director?

I think there are many things that you need to perform well in the role. The main area I try to focus on is to lead by setting the example and being able to inspire the team. A huge part of that is being approachable and listening to others around you. 

Some of the key skills I have developed throughout my career, so far, that have allowed me to succeed in the role, and I hope to bring to BH&P, are having a strong, commercial acumen, critical and strategic thinking. This, in turn, allows me to see the bigger picture for my clients, being able to use data to understand what the key drivers are that influence customer behaviours, and being a strong leader. 

I have worked for some inspirational leaders, as well as some not so good leaders, and the one glaring difference I have learned is the good ones collaborate with people around them and take input from others before making key decisions. This allows you to bring people along on the journey with you and creates an inclusive work culture where your team feels valued. No one likes to be told their opinion is not relevant or needed, especially when you work with creative and talented people, you will just end up losing them.

As well as being able to lead, developing deep relationships with your clients and the ability to immerse yourself and understand the world that they sit in is so important. In order to be a real asset and strategic partner to your clients, you need to be seen as an extension of their team so you can help drive towards their goals. Not understanding or getting their world puts you on the back foot straight away.

Being able to focus on, and develop, these skills have allowed me to deliver for some great clients such as NatWest Group (formerly RBS), Bupa, Nespresso, Hyundai and HSBC.

What is Your Favourite Aspect of Life at BH&P?

Beer and pizza night on Thursdays! No, I'm only joking. That is of course great, but for me, it is the team and people. I mentioned earlier, the passion everyone has for their work, is amazing to see. Again, everyone has been super welcoming and every time I have needed something, there has always been someone willing to help. It is like a family, and I think that plays a key role in the success of the business. 

What Does Your Ideal Saturday/Sunday Consist of?

I am a huge Liverpool fan so I will always try and watch the game with friends at a pub somewhere, but I have recently picked up golf so I try to play as much as I can at the moment, albeit badly! 

I also love seeing and visiting new places, so if there is a chance to get away for a weekend to somewhere in Europe that I have not been to before, I will snap that opportunity up.