Supercharge Performance

Levell is a well-being measurement platform with the mission to help people globally achieve peak performance in work, without burnout.

We wanted to test out our Venture Marketing approach with an entrepreneurial start up - and Levell fit the bill perfectly.

As a Venture Marketing client, Levell pays BH&P entirely based on results.

We believe in Levell,  and Levell’s founder,  Madeleine Evans. 

With no creative, marketing, brand recognition or sales function, we needed to start from scratch.

As a venture marketing opportunity, a full 360 approach was vital to growing the business. 

In under 12 months, we have re-developed the Levell website, tried, and tested multiple brand awareness and lead generation campaigns, as well as providing strategic insight into the product development of the Levell platform.

We have provided transformational creative through refining messaging, creative concepts, collateral, and more.

We created an awareness and test campaign strategy with one simple thought. Supercharging Performance.

We are well on our way to proof of concept. As an early-stage SaaS brand, success will be proven by early-stage adoption, and the engagement of potential investors in the next stage of product development and outreach.

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We now have the platform for our future success. It’s impossible to get this support anywhere else.

Madeleine Evans, Founder & CEO