Do you CARE?

Results, We Care.

DX Learning offer innovative leadership training.

The problem they were facing was twofold:

1. They had a great product but lacked a clear strategy.

2. The pandemic put a stop to most leadership training overnight.

A new, clear strategy was needed. As every business in the world had to adapt and change, leaders had to learn to manage and motivate teams remotely.

DX's CARE® program teaches leaders to manage teams better through Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships & Equity. But how do you bring it to life in a relevant campaign? 

With a direct question: “Do you CARE?”.

An animation highlighted the issues in a witty and charming way. We also created highly relevant social and newsletter content, supported by a suite of educational videos for those that engaged.

We tripled email open rates, reaching double the industry average. DX's LinkedIn followers also doubled, and the campaign added over a thousand new engaged names to HubSpot CRM.

mockup do you care