Do you CARE?

Results, We Care.

DX Learning offer innovative leadership training.

The problem that they were facing was twofold:

1. They had a great product but lacked a clear strategy

2. The pandemic put a stop to most leadership training overnight.

This informed a new and clear strategy. As every business in the world had to adapt and change, leaders had to learn how to manage teams remotely, keeping them motivated and performing.

The DX CARE program teaches leaders to manage their team better. But how do you bring it to life in a relevant way? 

The “Do you CARE?” campaign was born, highlighting the importance of Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships and Equity -  and why you should CARE about how people feel, so they don’t disengage.

Animation highlights the issues in a witty and charming way. We also created highly relevant and targeted content using social media, email and newsletters, supported by a suite of educational videos for those that engaged

We care as much about results as we do about the work. We tripled email open rates to reach double the industry average, doubled the follower base on LinkedIn, and added more than a thousand engaged names to the HubSpot CRM.

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