#FindThePositive Ideabook: A Guide for Marketers


It’s a Wild West for marketers out there.

On the one hand, brands like Oreo have come out swinging with forward-thinking, playful campaigns to lift the spirits. Then, there’s Yves Saint Laurent rebelling against the industry’s slave-like devotion to the fashion calendar by setting its own schedule for the year.

Lots of bold action.

But on the other hand? Most nations around the world are starting to consider what recovery looks like, while the majority of businesses are still reeling from the shock, and not sure where to turn to next.




Being able to pivot marketing strategies in times of crisis, and in times of recovery, is critical to the success of a brand later down the line. We’ve seen it in 2008. We will probably see the same patterns again over the next 12 months.

So, how can businesses start their thinking process? We’ve outlined the 5 steps to change in our new marketing ideabook – but we’ll outline it for you below too.

Download the ideabook here.


Step 1 | Find the Positive

Things have changed for everyone. Start by looking at what, specifically, is affected for your brand and what the implications are.

Can you find a new spark of creativity in light of these changes?


Step 2 | Generate Ideas 

Think about how the situation might develop and come up with some new ideas to address this. Look at the ‘6 P’s’: product, place, purpose, price, promotion and people.

How can you turn your ideas into action? Consider the things you can do now, like pivoting your product strategy. 


Step 3 | Take Action Now

Ideas and strategies are great, but they need to translate into action. Act now and learn through ‘doing’ – embrace failure by trying something new now. If it doesn’t work, try again. 


Step 4| Point to the Future

What does the future hold for the economy, businesses and society? The past can tell us a lot about what the future could be like.

Protect your brand now, be agile, do your research and above all, be kind. The effects of this crisis have already left deep wounds in society – do your best to be mindful of this.


Step 5 | The Other Side

Revisit your master plan and learn from what you have done successfully, so you can carry those lessons on in the future.

Celebrate your successes, tell the world your story and never stop innovating.

Dive into these topics in more detail in our #FindThePositive ideabook.