BH&P and B Corp: Elevating Purpose Through Creative Brilliance and Strategic Clarity

BH&P recently received the email we’ve been waiting for for almost a year. We are finally B Corp certified! This badge of honour validates everything we’ve been striving for over the past three years, including an almost 12-month wait since we submitted our B Impact Assessment. But this really signifies the beginning of a continuous journey towards positive change.

Why Certification Matters

Our Venture Marketing model has long emphasised principles like "Creative is King" and "Experimentation Baked In", each motivated by our desire to grow businesses ethically, interestingly and sustainably. The B Corp certification now serves as an external validation of our internal values. 

Moreover, it offers a competitive advantage in an increasingly conscientious market. Customers and clients don't just want a service; they want to be part of a story, a movement. B Corp aligns us with these aspirations.

The B Corp Imperative

In a landscape teeming with corporations and startups, standing out requires more than just a unique selling proposition—it demands a commitment to positive change. 

A B Corp certification is not merely a label; it’s a pledge to redefine success in business. 

Administered by B Lab, the certification examines a company's governance, environmental footprint, worker satisfaction, community involvement, and customer relations. A score of 80 or more earns the prospect of verification, but attaining and maintaining the certification is a continuous endeavour, both in terms of ethical commitment and financial investment.

The BH&P Way

At BH&P, we've spent eight years honing a philosophy that celebrates two pillars: creative brilliance and strategic clarity. Our expertise in developing compelling narratives for scale-ups and purpose-driven organisations has never been just about increasing the bottom line; it’s about making a dent in the universe. 

We make it our business to understand yours, to delve deep into data and then rise above it with creativity that doesn't just add noise—it changes conversations. With our B Corp certification, we've further solidified this ethos.


Our Score Breakdown  

 Spanning the categories of environment, workers, community, customers, and governance, BH&P have an overall impact score of 93.7. We’re one of only 1,500 B Corps in the UK. This achievement isn’t just about numbers. It’s about creating purpose and guiding that of our clients.  

The core 5 impact areas include:

Governance: Upholding transparency  (we scored 19.3)

This score is given based on how a company builds its vision and values into its core operation. It looks at how it engages its employees, board members and community to achieve and communicate its vision.

Workers: Advocating employee well-being (we scored 33)

These practices are evaluated based on factors such as employee compensation, benefits, training, and ownership opportunities. The evaluation also extends to aspects like effective communication, job flexibility, worker health, safety practices, and overall working conditions.

Community: Impacting positive change (we scored 20.2)

This assesses how the business affects the communities it operates in by looking at policies tailored towards social engagement, charitable giving, and strong, diverse communities.

Environment: Adopting sustainable practices (we scored 8.2)

This evaluates the company’s approach to reducing its environmental footprint through company policies, particularly looking at aspects of the supply chain, energy use, company facilities and energy use.

Customers: Ensuring impactful service -  (we scored 12.9) 

This looks at how a company serves the greater good. This includes looking at how its services improve its customers’ lives through things like ethical marketing, data privacy and security, and feedback channels.


Creative Brilliance, Now Certified

Being in the business of meaningful impact makes the B Corp certification a natural step in our journey, but not the end. It is yet another milestone in our ongoing journey toward purposeful and joyful growth. 

Our recent team satisfaction and engagement survey showed that 100% of the team is fully engaged - something that was validated by a recent test of psychological safety,  the Fearless Scan, conducted by Scott Chambers from Caerus Change

While we’re proud of these accomplishments, we recognize that they are merely waypoints in a journey that we are committed to pursuing relentlessly.


Looking Ahead

Our newfound status comes with an inherent responsibility—to ourselves, our clients, and the communities we impact. As the B Corp universe expands, especially in key markets like the UK,  the US, and Western Europe, it’s not just about being part of a trend; it’s about being part of the solution. It’s a continuous target with which we can measure our impact and strive to do better for our people, planet, and clients. All B Corps must recertify every three years, meaning we have the opportunity to maintain and improve the trust commitment generated from this step.  

We will always want to do the right thing. If this resonates with you, it sounds like we should talk. So take the next step. Drop us a line to explain your mission statement and let’s chat.

If you care about building your brand the right way, we’d love to hear from you.